Being artistic runs in my family. I look back to a line of German/Spanish artists like musicians, painters, theatre actors and then those who really understood the culinary arts and certainly the art of living. Growing up among them, living a bohemian lifestyle while travelling throughout Europe for engagements - all this left its lively imprints and are some of my most treasured memories.

I was an avid drawer as a child and teenager. Fascinated with the female figure it was my dream to become a fashion illustrator. In reality however I pursued a business career which I also loved but it didn’t left much room for artistic endeavors. It took a major life change many years later to open up a new window of opportunity, to bring me from Germany to the United States and from business to art.

I consider myself as partially self-taught. Certainly I put in a fair amount of trial and error in various media but I also profited from the generosity of many artists who shared their knowledge willingly. I also took up classes in classical sculpture with artists I admire very much. My first steps in sculpting were in 2009 and creating these little beings will be an ongoing process for hopefully many years to come.


My sculptures are all original one-of-a-kind pieces (OOAK). Each one of them is hand sculpted from polymer clay over a strong wire armature. I never use or take molds during the process, so every piece is unique and can’t be reproduced.

The average size of the figures is about 10 inches for females and 13 inches for males without base. During creation I strive for a high level of realism so the process can take days and weeks, paying attention to all the anatomy and details down to the tiny ears, teeth and fingernails. The eyes are also hand made by me and to bring the total piece to life I use a wide variety of materials.

Called into being through imagination my desire is to make them look so real they almost could be part of our lives.